CNV Vakmensen has decided to suspend further actions in care and student transport. The reason for this is that the union, just like FNV, has received an invitation from the employers’ association KNV Zorgvoeder en Taxi to meet again on Monday.

CNV negotiator Rick Pellis is positive. “Today’s actions have shown that the drivers mean business. I think that KNV is now also aware of this”, he says.

Living income Friday found on various places in the country strikes in student and care transport. The commitment of the drivers who participated was a better collective labor agreement that should ensure a living income, with a fair break arrangement and continued payment in the event of illness. In Zeeland, North Holland, Gelderland and Overijssel, travelers therefore had to deal with actions by taxi drivers.

According to CNV, the actions already seem to be bearing fruit. “We noticed the inconvenience and unrest that the actions caused. Not only with the employers, but also with the customers, whom we nevertheless tried to spare as much as possible. I think everyone benefits from rest. I assume that it will also come after Monday”, concludes Pellis.

Good hope Students Interest Secondary Education (LBVSO) is pleased that the strike has been suspended. “We are really very happy that this has been achieved,” says LBVSO chairman Elijah Delsink to ANP. “Proud of all drivers that, despite the diabolical dilemma (do I abandon children or not), have gone on strike, but also of all drivers who have doubled to compensate for this.” Finally, Delsink says he has good hopes “that good agreements will be reached and that the wishes of the drivers will be met”. will become. The employers’ organization did not want to comment further.

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