On the day of the first World Cup match in 2010 Marius van der Kleij opened his Goudenregen bar on the Goudenregenstraat for the first time. Now 12 years later we are at the start of the World Cup in Qatar. “I think something about that, but finding it alone is not enough. So you have to do something about it,” says the café owner from The Hague.

The turnover of one hour before, during and after the matches of the Dutch team donates Marius to COC

and Amnesty International. “I hope we reach the final, then it will go wild.”


“I am been working with Qatar for months. I’ve read in well and it’s really not right that we’re going there. With the World Cup, Qatar wants to show that it is an ok country, but it is not. In short: Guest workers are exploited, women have no say and they are against gays. That is such a contrast to how we treat people here. That’s why I have so much trouble with the fact that we ‘just’ travel there as a country.”

Marius is not afraid to share his opinion, but he also thinks that talking alone is not enough. “I don’t think closing the cafe is an option. I’m going to watch the games anyway and my customers will probably too, only then they have to go somewhere else. Closing it wouldn’t accomplish much. I’ve come up with something else now. We donate 17 percent of sales to charity. In addition, we keep it sober in the cafe.”

In the Goudenregen bar, for example, there are no orange flags or posters. The staff will soon wear special orange shirts with ‘Goldenrainbow

bar’ on it.


This is not the first time that Marius is committed to charity. “I think a café has a social responsibility. For example, we have had auctions for KWF, ALS and the cancer fund. I think everyone should help each other a little in this world.”

“I am surprised that more large companies are not taking action against what is happening in Qatar. I hope that my action will cause a chain reaction and more companies or pubs will make themselves heard.”

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Whether it’s Formula 1, speed skating or the Olympic Games. When the Netherlands comes into action, Marius watches along. And so also with the World Cup. “We will get through the group stage anyway and I even think we will go very far. If they make it to the final, things will go wild here, and that’s good for my action. More sales to donate.”

Monday 18 November the Netherlands will play for 17.06 hours against Senegal. Marius does not know whether it is immediately full. “We have 18 TVs, so if you want to watch the game in a pub, the Golden Rain bar is the place to be.”

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