The taxis of Waddentax Texel, with which the guests are driven around during the culinary tour.Photo: Waddentax/Raymond Korf

An extensive five-course dinner spread over five different restaurants, without driving back and forth between courses. That is exactly what ‘Culinary Tour Texel’ entails. During this culinary tour on the Wadden Island, guests can enjoy all the seasonings the island has to offer. Exactly as taxi entrepreneur Raymond Korf envisioned it beforehand.

“On Texel we have many restaurants of a high culinary level,” explains Korf. “We have chosen a wide selection of restaurants, so that we can change regularly. People who participate in Culinary Tour Texel will receive a five-course dinner in the afternoon, divided over five different restaurants. At every restaurant you get a course, plus a corresponding drink.”

Refrigerator According to Korf, the idea of ​​Culinary tour Texel has been around for a while. “It has been in the fridge for a long time, because of the corona measures,” he explains. “We used that time to further develop the idea. Now that we know there won’t be another lockdown anytime soon, we’ve taken this concept out of the fridge again.”

Even Bij Jef, the only restaurant with a Michelin star, is participating.

To make this concept possible, Raymond Korf and his company Waddentax Texel had to start collaborations with various restaurants. The Texel taxi operator has amply succeeded in this. For example, Bosq, Bries 20 and Rebecca are participating in the culinary tour. “And even Bij Jef, the only restaurant with a Michelin star on the Wadden Islands, does along. If you do something like that, you must of course have such a restaurant. Fortunately, that worked out.”

Nutritional soil Like any concept, practice must show whether the idea of ​​a culinary tour will actually succeed. That is why Korf is starting a pilot to test whether his idea has any basis at all. “The first reservations have already been received. There is already a lot of talk about it on the island. The first tour will take place on Sunday 4 December. We are just looking at which restaurants we will visit for that first tour. A number of restaurants will be closed or on vacation by then. If the selection of restaurants is clear, I can prepare the route and complete the picture.”

Photo According to Raymond Korf, the creative entrepreneurial spirit does not come from a stranger. He has learned and inherited a lot from his father, who recently passed away. “I even had a picture of him printed on canvas. Sometimes when I come home from work and I have certain things, it is sometimes nice to talk to him. He won’t answer, of course, but I do know what his train of thought was like. Moments like that help me with my own thoughts.”

I always try to have nice conversations in the car

Friendly contact When asked what Korf learned most from his father, he immediately mentions the friendly way he treats his customers. “I am very close with my clients. Almost friendly even. I always try to have fun conversations in the car. That is not only fun, but also a good way to generate business. This is how you build up a regular customer base. You also develop a kind of bond with each other.”

“The social part is one of the best aspects of my job as a taxi driver,” says Korf. “I must immediately say that I am blessed with the location where I can drive. The people of Texel are very nice and relaxed people. And those who come here from across the street are often on vacation, so they’re happy anyway. That is very different in the Randstad. Everything is very rushed there. That is of course a world of difference.”

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