Just a few more days to wait and then it’s time for the best event in four years: the World Cup football! Of course you prefer to watch the matches with friends with a nice drink. The Irisch Pub O’Casey’s in The Hague opens its doors to football fans. One thing is certain: afternoons and evenings will be packed with fun.

The pub is going big: there are 24 television screens, so all matches can be watched at the same time. O’Casey’s is still the best pub in the world and attracts a large international audience. Maybe you’re having a beer with a celebrity, because even Prince Harry is one of O’Casey’s regular fans! How nice is it that you watch the matches with supporters from different countries?

Best sports bar in Europe

Apart from the fact that O’Casey’s in 2019 was voted the best Irish pub in the world, it was also voted best Irish sports bar in Europe in 629. That is of course not easy. There is always a special atmosphere when watching the matches. The supporters are having a good time together, even though they are not cheering for the same country. You imagine yourself in a real football stadium because of all the different nationalities. You want to be there!

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All kinds of nationalities | Photo: O’Casey’s

The third half

What’s the best thing to do after a football match? That is, of course, celebrating the third half with your mates. If you like a beer, O’Casey’s is the place to be: they have 24 beers on tap. So plenty to choose from. Of course you can also opt for a soft drink or a glass of wine! Either way, together with the other supporters you have a successful party after the game.

Time difference

The FIFA World Cup will be played in Qatar. Despite the time difference, most games are played in the late afternoon. That is the perfect time for a football match. Our orange lions of course make it to the final. On Sunday 16 December the final 16. hours played Dutch time: so be on time with a table reservation. You won’t leave them in their shirts, will you?

Be there

Watch matches in the best sports bar with Dutch and foreign audiences? Not to forget: you also order the best beers there. Doesn’t that sound like football cheers to your ears? Make sure you hit the mark during the World Cup and book your table in advance! Full is really full and you really don’t want to miss this.

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