Children from primary school Antonius in Keldonk who normally cycle over the Erpsebrug to reach their school, can use a taxi bus from next week. The bridge in the municipality of Meierijstad is closed due to work, which means that the students have to detour for kilometers.

According to the Brabants Dagblad, these activities mean that a number of families have to cycle quite a bit to reach Veghel or Beek en Donk. ‘For the parents of the school-going children, who have to go back and forth, that would mean 60 kilometers of cycling in a day’, so writes the newspaper.

Taxibus *) The village council of Keldonk therefore decided to raise this issue with Rijkswaterstaat. “The work on the Erpsebrug in the municipality of Meierijstad appears to be particularly difficult for the transport of a group of primary school students in Keldonk”, the council says on “In response to the report about the closure, the village council has contacted Rijkswaterstaat, among others, in which this has been brought to the attention. After consultation, Rijkswaterstaat has decided to use a taxi bus for the students who normally go over the bridge to the school in Keldonk.”

According to the village council, the children are expected to be picked up at a ‘stop’ and dropped off there again in the afternoon. The precise elaboration still needs to be arranged and is being short-circuited with primary school Antonius in Keldonk. According to the Brabants Dagblad, there are a total of six children.

Wearing layer On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat replaces contractor Van Doorn the wearing course of the Erpse bridge over the Zuid-Willemsvaart in the municipality of Meierijstad. The work will take place from Monday 21 November to Friday 25 November. As a result, no road traffic can take place, the municipality reports.

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