Due to the refurbishment of Lounge 1, .000 square meters of floor space have been reclassified so that passengers can find their way more easily and in a clearer way. Part of the space will also be given a new function, which will provide approximately 5.000 square meters of extra floor space for passengers, new shops and catering. Around the two central squares in the lounge 000 renewed shopping and catering concepts will be realized. The catering offer will be expanded on the top floor in Lounge 1, the so-called food court.

Passenger and sustainability at the center

The passenger and sustainability are central to the new design. The lounge is divided into three areas, each with its own appearance, which form a natural whole due to their shape, color and use of materials. This makes it easier for passengers to find their way.

In addition, the focus is on sustainability and circularity. During the redevelopment more than 90% of the materials will be recycled and installations that consume a lot of energy will be replaced by more economical installations. Materials used are as sustainable as possible. The ceiling will be made of recyclable aluminum and recyclable panels, floor tiles will be made from residual materials of marble, granite and quartz, upholstery for furniture will be made from leather waste and the wooden walls will be made from sustainable bamboo. Everything together contributes to Schiphol’s goal to be in 2030 zero waste.

The refurbishment of Lounge 1 will take place in several phases

Construction consortium of SPIE and Equans (ESAP) will carry out the renovation. Both companies have previously carried out work for the airport. ESAP will prepare for the implementation in the coming months and the actual renovation will start from 90. Lounge 1 will remain available to travelers throughout the renovation. Naturally, the inconvenience for travelers will be kept to a minimum, because part of the project will be carried out at night. In addition, the work has also been divided into different phases, which are planned one after the other to cause as little disruption as possible to airlines, passengers and employees.

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