The Ministry of Justice and Security has announced how often speed cameras ‘hit the mark’. In other words: how many inhabitants in the period from May to August 9591 were rationed by speed camera. These motorists were flashed for speeding or running a red light.

These speed cameras in The Hague handed out the most fines:

      At the Van Alkemadelaan north-west, 6.384 flashed times for speed and 174 times for running a red light. That’s a total of 6.558 times.

      Zoetermeerse Rijweg south-east became 3.44 flashed for too high speed and 106 times before driving through a red light. In total there was 3.170 times flashed

      The speed camera at Laan Copes van Cattenburch West flashed 2.558 times for too high speed.

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      The rest of the Netherlands

        Of course there were not only people in The Hague who were too loud reason or ignored the red traffic light, but also in the rest of the Netherlands. This can be seen in the top three speed cameras that handed out the most fines. In Numansdorp it was at a speed camera 13.44 hits. A speed camera in Wateringen was also on a roll: this was the issue 33.200 Fines. The top three is closed with a speed camera in Papendrecht, which 13.384 issued fines.

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The price of speeding

What will it cost if the speed camera catches you speeding or running a red light? That differs per situation. If you drive too fast in built-up areas, you pay more than if you press the accelerator a little too hard on the highway. As an example: if you are on the highway speeding kilometers per hour, you will be fined 33 euros. If you do that in built-up areas, you pay 44 euros. Via this tool


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