Taxibus from Trevvel. Photo: ProMedia/Sander van Vliet

This Friday, a number of drivers who work in student and care transport will stop working. Trade unions FNV and CNV Vakmensen announced this this week. The drivers are going on strike because they want a better collective labor agreement. According to Trevvel, everyone has the right to campaign for good working conditions.

Transport company Trevvel, which is responsible in Rotterdam for, among other things, Wmo and student transport, says that all employees have the right to participate in any actions. “Trevvel agrees that everyone has the right to good working conditions and can take action for this”, director Arno van Haasterrecht writes on the website of the Rotterdam transport company. “Life has become more expensive for everyone, including Trevvel employees.”

Hinder “Our employees are therefore free to join an action or strike,” Van Haasterrecht continues his story. At the same time, he emphasizes that if employees decide to strike, this could cause disruption to services. “Unfortunately, we cannot rule out the possibility that customers will sooner be inconvenienced by an action or strike than we can inform them.”

Trevvel therefore hopes that major actions will not be forthcoming, because they can have an unpleasant impact on customers. The Rotterdam transport company therefore emphasizes that, although employees have the right to participate in actions, this should not be seen as a call to actually participate.

Communication If the strikes also hit Trevvel at a certain point, then good communication about this is extremely important, according to Van Haasterrecht. That is why Trevvel will try to keep its customers constantly informed. “When there are actions or strikes, we immediately put this on our website. We ask customers to keep a close eye on our website and not to call Trevvel. Trevvel is not legally allowed to use a replacement driver when a driver is on strike. There is therefore no transport if a driver is on strike. We then refer travelers to alternative transport, such as public transport or someone from our own network.”

Little influence Finally, the Trevvel director hopes that an agreement will soon be reached on a new collective labor agreement for healthcare transport and taxi. “Royal Dutch Transport (KNV) is the employers’ organization that conducts collective bargaining for the whole of the Netherlands. Trevvel has little influence on this. We hope that the trade unions and KNV will soon reach an agreement and that the nuisance for our customers will be limited as much as possible”, concludes Van Haasterrecht.

Not out in the cold Trevvel says it is doing everything it can to accommodate its employees in the rising costs. At the beginning of October, for example, the bottom five rungs of the pay scale for drivers disappeared. “This means that the hourly wage for many employees immediately went up,” says Trevvel. Trevvel also pays its employees an energy allowance for the months October to December 2022 of a maximum of 300 euros net. “We will not leave our employees out in the cold this winter”, said Van Haasterrecht to TaxiPro at the time.

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