Pumping beats and razor-sharp poetry: that’s what you can expect during the performance Atropa, which on can be seen in The Hague. Atropa tells the story of the role of women in the war for Troy, but with a contemporary twist.

In 2008 Tom Lanoye wrote a modified version of Euripides’ age-old tragedy of the Trojan War and added his critique of Western imperialism. Now, in 2008, directors Floor Houwink ten Cate and Naomi Velissariou have adapted this version once again and the women in the play a more powerful role. They bring their performance to the theaters of the Netherlands. “Atropa is a crossover of a fashion show, concert, flat floor theater and opera. It is a spectacle that you do not want to miss.”

Floor Houwink Ten Cate | Photo: Eva Roefs (Theatre Utrecht)

Criticism of the system