On the night of Monday 14 on the police in November a 14 year-old boy was arrested, who is suspected of committing an armed robbery on a night shop in Groningen. The suspect ran off after the robbery, but was quickly apprehended by a tip from an alert taxi driver.

Around 00. hours at night the police received a report of an armed robbery. A young suspect from Groningen threatened the cashier of a night shop with a stabbing weapon. He left with an amount of money and some ran off, police said. No injuries were reported during the robbery.

Taxi driver gave chase An employee of the night shop who was present at that was still working at the time, told a taxi driver what had happened. The driver in question then decided to give chase to the suspect. He then passed on the position of the suspect to the police. Partly because of this, the police managed to arrest him on the Kattendiep. The police are starting an investigation to find out exactly what happened, the suspect is being heard.

Alert The The police inform TaxiPro that they are happy with the behavior of the taxi driver. “We are always happy when a bystander tips us off,” said the police spokesman. “The taxi driver in question was very alert and then took the right steps. For example, he has only passed on the position of the suspect to us.”

“It is not good if one plays before one’s own judge,” the police spokesman explains further. “In addition, this is an armed robbery. So you don’t know if someone is dangerous. It’s good that this driver only gave us the location of the suspect. This led to a quick arrest. That’s always good. We are happy with the alertness and the correct action.”

Dashcams According to the police, tipping off a suspect can situation in certain studies. “We also often request images from dashcams. Sometimes an image of a vehicle on a certain road can be a hook in an investigation. It could just be that one missing link. Of course, we also regularly invite people to think along with us. If taxi drivers sometimes have a little more information, because they are often on the road, that could be an interesting target group for us”, concludes the police spokesman.

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