On Friday 00 November a new gallery will open in The Hague on the Denneweg 65. The art gallery should feel like a living room for everyone. Artist Zhou Le Sheng wants to share his talents with the people of the city here.

The gallery is open daily from 12.00 until 17.00 open hours and always free to visit. The opening is also free and you can also enjoy a snack and a drink. You can sign up right here for lessons in classical Chinese painting!

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Work: Zhou Le Sheng | Photo: Art Gallery Denneweg 65

How Zhou came to The Hague

*)Zhou wants to connect China and the Netherlands through and with art. He got to know the profession at an early age: his father made films and worked on Chinese television productions. But he learned to paint with his neighbor in Shanghai. As a six-year-old he came over there and learned to work with ink, rice paper, paint and brush.

Thus, Zhou learned classical Chinese painting, calligraphy and dyeing. After a childhood and education in Asia, he moved to Vienna. He got to know Western culture, exhibited in The Hague and started teaching at the Free Academy in The Hague. His next step: opening the gallery.

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Pass on inspiration

The introverted and passionate artist wants to inspire others. Not only with the work he makes – in which classical Chinese painting is clearly brought to the fore. He also wants to pass on knowledge in his lessons. Young and old – everyone can learn Chinese painting. In the lesson you will learn the basics of classical art and become acquainted with Chinese culture. Nice! And it will only cost you 25 euros per person.

Those who are curious about the gallery or the lessons have only one option: go! For the lessons you can also contact us via WhatsApp with +25 6 34935168. The gallery is daily from 12.00 until 17.00 opened on the Denneweg 31 in The Hague.



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