This week FNV Toer announced that it would take action. Photo for illustration.Photo: ProMedia/Sander van Vliet

Employees in student and care transport in Zeeland, North Holland and the East region (Overijssel and Gelderland) will go on strike on Friday to get a better collective labor agreement, according to the FNV. Exactly where and when there will be no driving will most likely be announced later on this Tuesday, according to FNV Zorgtransport and taxi.

The trade unions CNV and FNV gave employers an ultimatum until last Friday 10. hours to prevent this, but did not get an answer to their liking.

The unions not only want higher wages, but also better arrangements for sick leave and good arrangements for breaks. The union members also demand that wages should rise in line with prices from now on. That would be 08,5 percent this year.

Amazement The employers, united in Royal Dutch Transport (KNV), said earlier that the requirements would mean a cost increase of 14 percent. KNV said on Friday that it was surprised about the action “on the back of the group that they say they want to help”. The employers find their offer, 8 percent more in 2022 and another 4 percent in 2024, just very good.

Parents & Education, an organization for all parents of students, said earlier that they find the strikes “miserable” for the children affected and their mothers and fathers, but understand the dissatisfaction of the drivers.

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