Announcement NEA index postponed to give collective labor agreement parties more time.Photo: ProMedia

The publication of the NEA index is again postponed. Social Fund Mobility (SFM) reports this. According to them, this has to do with the fact that no agreement has yet been reached between the trade unions and employers about a new collective labor agreement for healthcare transport and taxi.

“Contrary to the last message that the NEA index would be published on 14 November, the final publication date is set on 27 November,” reports SFM. “The reason for this postponement is that collective bargaining is still ongoing. Although it has not been said that the collective labor agreement parties did reach an agreement on 27 November, publication on 14 November make the negotiation process even more complex.”

Average wage increase 3.9 per cent If no agreement is reached by 14 November, the average wage increase of 3.9 percent – ​​as stated in the Macro Economic Outlook – included in the index. “The NEA index for 2023 then amounts to approximately 11,3 percent”, SFM explains further. “Based on current talks between unions and employers, it cannot be ruled out that wage growth will be substantially more than 3.9 percent, so that with an NEA index between 15 and 14 percent must be taken into account.”

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