Everyone is welcome in The Hague City Hall. Only animals not, unless it is an assistance dog of course. Yet we discovered a cat flap at various entrances to the Ice Palace. What are they for?

You don’t necessarily notice it when you see the big white town hall on the Spui, but next to the side entrances there is a round hole on one side of the building and a square sawn hole on the other side. What is that for?

Cat flap

On the outside you can clearly see the shape of the cut-out hole. Inside the town hall is a sliding door to keep the hole closed. Is the hatch for a cat that goes on a mouse hunt at night?

The purpose of the hatch is unfortunately less animal-friendly than we hoped. In order to have electricity outside, as is now needed for example during the repaving of the area around the town hall, the cover is specially made for electricity cables. .

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Unfortunately, the holes in the front of the city hall in The Hague are still not there for the animals (they remain unwelcome), but for the workmen outside the city hall. So, you know that again!

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