A Dutch coach drove into a truck in Belgium on Monday. According to Belgian media, several people were injured in the accident, not far from Ghent.

The bus of the carrier Betuwe Express from Herveld had about forty mainly older Dutch tourists on board, writes VRT NWS. The bus driver was injured, police said. According to Belgian media, he is seriously injured. Eight occupants escaped with minor injuries.

Cause unclear The accident happened around noon on the E17 near Destelbergen, between Antwerp and Ghent. The road is completely blocked and there are long traffic jams. It is still unclear what caused the bus to collide with the truck, the police say.

Replacement bus Director of bus company Betuwe Express Albert Winnemuller says that a replacement bus is on its way to Belgium for the Dutch. “The occupants are now being collected in a hall in Destelbergen. With the other coach they can continue their journey or go back home.” According to Winnemuller, that depends on the mood and what the tourists want.


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