Published: 11 November 2022Modified: 11 November 2022

Would you also like to decorate your street during the World Cup? From 20 November to 18 December 2022 the streets of The Hague will turn orange. This looks really awesome of course. But remember there are a number of rules.

Are you going to hang up decorations? Then be careful with lampposts, benches, rubbish bins and trees. Make sure they do not get damaged and do not use any paint or spray cans.

Emergency services and household wasteFire engines, ambulances and garbage trucks must be easily able to drive into your street. For example, if somebody urgently needs to be taken to the hospital or if a fire breaks out in your street. Garbage trucks also need to be able to collect the rubbish in your street. Garbage trucks are generally tall.

Therefore hang decorations up at a certain height. The rules for the public space are:

hang decorations at a height greater than 4.5 metreskeep at least 3.5 metres of space free in the width of the streetRoad maintenanceThe municipality will be carrying out road maintenance projects in certain streets during the World Cup. Remember that heavy equipment is used for some of the work. For example to renew asphalt. The decorations should not get in the way or hinder the activity of these machines in any way.

Cleaning upClean up any mess by the end of the day. All decorations must be removed by 19 December. At this time of year people are already setting off fireworks and there is a bigger chance of a fire.

Fire safetyPrevent fire and use fireproof decorations.

Ask in the shop for decorations with fire retardant materials or check the packaging for this. Keep decorations at least 50 centimetres away from lamps, spot lights and appliances. Do not hang any tarp or other decorations in front of windows. Do not hang any tarp or other decorations by roof gutters. Read more on the website of Brandweer Haaglanden.

TV screens in bars and restaurantsBars and restaurants are allowed to place TV screens so that customers can watch the football matches indoors and on the terrace. No event permit is required for this.

Festivities on the Marktweg for World Cup football


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