Farewell council memberAt the start of the council meeting, the mayor reflected on the farewell of Frans de Graaf. He leaves the city council because he is going to emigrate to Indonesia.City in the councilDuring City in the Council, residents can give their opinion on topics that are on the agenda. There were no speakers at this meeting. Would you like to leave a message? Look for the rules and registration on http://denhaag.nl/stadinderaad.

Sworn in council member and party representativeDuring this council meeting Anthony Uduba has been sworn in as a councilor for the VVD. A new party representative was also sworn in: Ab Waasdorp for the PvdA. Proposal for the Reclassification Scheme for the return of the former border between the municipality of The Hague and the municipality of Rijswijk The houses on the Cromvlietkade, Geestbrugkade and part of the Nassaukade are located in the municipality of Rijswijk; the sidewalks, streets and green areas are within the municipality of The Hague. In this situation arose as a result of a municipal reorganization in which a ‘corridor’ was set up for The Hague to the Vliet zone. In this way, The Hague could build the Trekvliettracé, a road connection from The Hague to the national road network, on Hague territory. With the arrival of the Rotterdamsebaan, the need for the corridor has now disappeared. The municipality of Rijswijk has therefore asked to restore the old situation, whereby the strip of land in The Hague becomes Rijswijk territory again. This ensures clarity and clarity for the residents in the field of management, maintenance and enforcement.Heart for The HagueHart voor Den Haag called the proposal a nice arrangement to shift the border a bit, which the party supports. The party indicated that there are more areas where Hart voor Den Haag would like to see a border correction. The party specifically referred to the ANWB site on the border with the municipality of Wassenaar. The party filed two motions in this regard. The first motion requested that talks be held with the municipality of Wassenaar so that a border correction is made so that the ANWB site becomes The Hague territory. The second motion requests that talks be held with the municipality of Wassenaar so that a border correction can be made so that a number of areas are transferred to the municipality of The Hague. Hart voor Den Haag referred in this motion to Park Clingendael, Sportpark Roggewoning and the Waalsdorpervlakte, among others. According to the party, these areas are more tied to the municipality of The Hague and are also used by Hague associations.In the second term, Hart for The Hague served another third motion, containing the call to discuss how we can reach regional agreements for realizing the housing tasking and liveable neighbourhoods, and to examine whether a border correction at the municipal border between The Hague and Wassenaar is one of the possibilities , so that the ANWB site will fall under The Hague territory.All three motions were rejected.PVVThe PVV indicated that it was not in favor of Hart’s motion to be in favor of The Hague, because according to the party the living agenda of The Hague cannot match the living agenda of Wassenaar.CDAThe CDA indicated that it attaches great value to an orderly and substantive debate. That is why the party has requested a debate in the committee about the ANWB site on the border with Wassenaar. The CDA expressed surprise at the motions of Hart for The Hague during this meeting. The party stated that they cannot support these motions at the moment because they are awaiting careful substantive discussion in the Spatial Planning Committee.The proposed reclassification scheme for the bringing back the former border municipality of The Hague – municipality of Rijswijk was adopted.Initiative proposal: Child Friendly CityIn 2021 the Child-Friendly City Initiative Proposal was submitted by then councilor Arjen Kapteijns of GroenLinks. The broad initiative proposal focuses on two topics: a child-friendly physical outdoor space and the involvement of children in shaping this outdoor space. The initiative proposal calls on the Municipal Executive to implement seventeen recommendations in the field of public space and child participation and to inform the Council about this.The Hague City PartyThe Hague City Party expressed its appreciation for this great initiative proposal. The party thought it was very good that children contributed to this. The party did draw attention to the placement of temporary or permanent toilet facilities at play facilities where there are no catering facilities or other toilet facilities nearby.Hart voor Den HaagHart voor Den Haag indicated that a child-friendly city for all children must be friendly. That is why the party submitted an amendment adding to the proposal that children with a disability deserve extra attention and that concrete measures are linked to the memorandum ‘Of course accessible’. This amendment was adopted.PvdAThe PvdA complimented GroenLinks on the wonderful initiative proposal, and indicated that it was also pleased with the commitment of the alderman that from now on there will be a quicker response from the council to initiative proposals from the council. ChristenUnie/SGPThe ChristenUnie/SGP also complimented the initiative proposal. The party did indicate that we have to be careful that children are not overburdened in terms of time and opportunities to participate.GroenLinksGroenLinks thanked all colleagues for the compliments and support. The party expressed its pride that the city council can give children a voice in the city hall. According to the party, the council can do even better with this proposal.The initiative proposal Child-Friendly City was adopted.Plinth strategy proposalPlinths form the transition zone between the street and buildings. The plinth is that part of a building that can be seen at eye level. Given the major new construction and redevelopment task in the city, many new plinths are being created. Controlling this is important, because a good plinth infill ensures a pleasant living climate, social cohesion and quality of life for the residents. ChristenUnie/SGPAccording to the ChristenUnie/SGP, a good use of the plinth determines the experience on the street. That is why, according to the party, it is important to aim for proper implementation. The municipality should not get in the way of the market, but should ensure sufficient social destinations. The party admitted that it had hoped for something more than the instruments as they are now in the plinth strategy. The ChristenUnie/SGP stated that an area vision or memorandum of principles has already been established for various (development) areas, but a plinth vision for these areas is missing. That is why the party submitted a motion requesting that, for plans for which a memorandum of principles has already been adopted, a plinth vision should be submitted to the council before establishing a plan elaboration framework. The ChristenUnie/SGP also noted that an exchange scheme is mentioned as one of the instruments to achieve lively, diverse and appropriate plinths. The party expressed its concern that such an exchange would lead to a possible disruption of the Housing Agenda. That is why the party submitted a motion requesting that, when the instrument “exchange scheme” is used, the goals from the Woonagenda should be realized at all times and that at plot level no exchange should be proposed between the plinth infill and the Woonagenda.Both motions were passed.SPThe SP stated that the inhabitants of The Hague deserve a pleasant living environment with sufficient facilities. According to the party, the plinth strategy contains interesting instruments, but such a strategy only has added value if those instruments are also applied. According to the SP, the branching plan is one of the most interesting instruments in the proposal. This is a formally established plinth vision and strategy for a specific area. A branching plan is formally established by a Business Investment Zone (BIZ), which is why, according to the party, it is important that entrepreneurs in new plinths in redevelopment areas are made aware of the benefits of a Business Investment Zone. The SP therefore submitted a motion requesting this to be realised.This motion was adopted.Heart for The Hague According to Hart voor Den Haag, the plinth strategy provided a good overview of the available instruments, but lacked concrete details. That is why the party submitted an amendment together with the SP. With this, the parties wanted to realize that a Haagse Investerings Maatschappij will be set up quickly, so that it can be used immediately in the realization of lively and affordable plinths in the city. This amendment was rejected.PVVThe PVV indicated that it is good that the municipality wants to keep control options in its own hands and called on the council to be strict about this. According to the party, the plinth strategy should go together with a facade strategy, with the aim of a diverse range with an attractive appearance.D66D66 indicated that the plinth strategy only concerns the content of the plinth, and aspects such as ‘social control, safety and social cohesion’ are missing. The party emphasized that the way the plinth is built can also have an effect on the environment and can also determine whether or not a plinth is suitable. That is why the party, together with GroenLinks and the PvdA, submitted a motion requesting that social components be taken into account in new construction plans and major renovations and that these be reflected in the plans for the plinth. This motion was withdrawn after a commitment.VVD The VVD indicated that the party agrees with the plinth strategy. The party still had questions about how the instruments from the proposal will be used, since, according to the VVD, the piece remains a bit abstract. The document also contains a number of instruments for which the use has not yet been worked out. The VVD indicated that it was curious to see what the deployment of this would look like and how the council could fulfill its monitoring role in this area.Animal party The Party for the Animals stated that it is not a problem if the supply changes in a shopping street, but that it becomes problematic when the supply becomes too monotonous. According to the party, this is even more important for new construction, where project developers mainly focus on the most profitable retail trade. The Party for the Animals emphasized that there must be enough room for important institutions such as general practitioners, pharmacies and vets.The Party for the Animals still found it unclear whether and how the instruments from the plinth strategy are deployed. It is important for the party that it is recorded that management is actually carried out at plinth level via planning instruments. That is why the Party for the Animals, together with the Hague City Party and the SP, submitted an amendment with the assignment to work out how planning instruments can be applied at area level. This amendment was rejected.The Party for the Animals, together with the Hague City Party, also submitted an amendment with the decision to remove the point relating to specific sub-areas from to delete the proposal. According to d e party and did not fit into a proposal to establish an overall city-wide strategy. The Party for the Animals considered it desirable, when discussing framework planning documents at area level, to weigh up the content of the recommendations and then to make statements about them as a council. This amendment was adopted.PvdA The PvdA indicated that it was happy with the plinth strategy, because space is scarce and the battle for the plinths is fierce. That is why the party thought it was good that the municipality should be given more control options to manage the realization of social facilities. The party would still like to hear from the council how they want to give substance to the plinth strategy in a neighborhood and district-driven way.

The proposal regarding the plinth strategy was adopted.

Conclusion committee debate Entrepreneurs (Zeeheldenkwartier)2021Subsidy scheme for facades Spuistraat and VlamingstraatRefugee reception Where is that football cage? 2021Environmental visionDisconnecting families with children from drinking water 2021Poller Escamplaan2021Review the meeting?The full meeting can be viewed on www.denhaag.nl/uitzendingenraad.



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