Many residents of The Hague know it: you park your bike in the city or at the station. When you come back: cycle away! Then it may be that it has been stolen, but it is also possible that enforcers have taken your bicycle. Below you can read how to find out.

What a misery; you park your bike, do some quick shopping or you have to race to catch the train and when you return your bike is gone. If you have not placed your bicycle in a designated compartment or rack in The Hague, an enforcement team will remove your steel steed without mercy. But how do you get your bike back?

Get stolen?

Do you get to the place where your bike was, are you of course confused first. ‘He was standing here, wasn’t he?’, you search around: nowhere to be found. What now? It is of course possible that the bicycle has been stolen, but dozens of bicycles also ‘disappear’ to the bicycle depot of the municipality of The Hague.

In the city center you will receive a label if your bicycle is parked incorrectly. on your handlebars, after which you still have time to park the bike in the right place. The situation is different at the stations: if it is parked incorrectly, it is immediately taken away by the team that collects the bicycles towards the Bicycle Depot. Even though there is a chain around it; which will be cut.

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When your bike is gone, it is advisable to take a look at the website Not only can you find a lost wallet on this national website, the enforcement team also places photos of ‘found’ (or incorrectly parked) bicycles here. Bicycles that have been removed can often be found after a few hours.

Bicycle depot

Do you recognize the location where your bicycle has disappeared and do you recognize your bicycle? Then you can use this for 25 to recover euros from the municipality. You have to go to the bicycle depot Haaglanden in the Binkhorst for this. Bicycles from Delft, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Pijnacker-Noordorp must also be picked up here. Take your identity card and the key of the bike with you, otherwise you can go home.

Address, opening hours and accessibility Bicycle Depot The Hague

The address of Bicycle Depot Haaglanden is Poolsterstraat 50. You can reach this address with HTM bus 19, stop Poolsterstraat or HTM bus 19, stop Wegastraat. Please note: the depot to find your bicycle is not always open.

Opening hours Bicycle depot Haaglanden



. – 19. hour


. – 17. hour


00.28 – 07. hour
12.19 – 17. hour

00.30 – . hour

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