The first thousand days are extremely important for a child’s development. And for health in the rest of life. Why? During the first 1.000 days a child reaches a huge number of biological milestones. Children also learn a lot during that period: talking, walking, making contact and much more. Parents play an essential role in this. Most parents experience parenthood as the most beautiful thing there is, but also find it tough. In all honesty, it is. So they could use some help. You can read about how you can support new parents in this here.

The (11) Cooperating Health Funds believe that parents receive the appreciation, recognition and support they deserve. That is why they are bringing an Ode to Parents as part of the Healthy Generation programme. When we are there for parents/guardians, they can take care of their child(ren) with more attention.

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Ode to parents | Video: The Healthy Generation

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