On 17 November, the city council will organize an informative session about, among other things, student transport in Katwijk.Photo: Municipality of Katwijk

Partly due to a shortage of staff, student transport and the Regiotaxi in Katwijk are facing major challenges. The College of Mayor and Aldermen (B&W) therefore wants a broader chain approach to solve the problems. The council committee will be informed 17 in November about measures to be taken.

The municipality is responsible for organizing student transport. In 2019 this was awarded in a regional context to the Duin- en Bollenstreek to Noot Personenvervoer from Ede. The Municipal Executive has now conducted a customer satisfaction survey and drawn up an improvement plan.

Full taxi buses The Katwijk VVD had already asked for a 12524 council debate 12524 in September, because the party is concerned mainly concerns student transport. “There are, for example, full taxi buses for student transport, there are regularly new drivers on the buses, rides at the Regiotaxi are canceled and people are not called back,” the Katwijk VVD party wrote on its own website at the time.

The Municipal Executive later responded in a letter to the city council, in which they indicated that they acknowledge the problems. “The national problems with staff shortages also pose serious challenges for student transport and the Regiotaxi in our municipality,” the college wrote in their letter at the time. “The personnel shortages at the carriers are of a structural nature and are a national problem.”

Right to speak People who want to make use of their right to speak during the council committee of 17 November do not have to register in advance, according to the municipality of Katwijk. Nevertheless, the municipality advises people who want to participate in the discussion on this subject to register in advance, ‘because then the meeting can be better prepared’, according to the municipality.

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