A flower kiosk has been standing at the Westduin cemetery for years. Recently this kiosk has a new owner: Jordi Eenschoten (). He tells us why he took over the business and what his plans are for the future.

Flower kiosk Westduin is not Jordi’s first flower shop. In his twenties he was already selling flowers in Antwerp. “I had taken over that stall from my uncle. I loved working with flowers. My stall was in front of a supermarket. It went well at first, but then the supermarket started competing with me and I was relegated to the edge of the parking lot. I didn’t sell anything there, so that’s why I stopped.”

Now or never

What Jordi has always continued to do is do business. “I had a cleaning company for many years. Due to the corona pandemic I had to stop. Then I thought: what do I really want to do and that is selling flowers. I’m approaching fifty so it really feels like now or never to me.”

“I first went looking for a stall in Amsterdam, but they are unaffordable there,” Jordi continues. “That’s how I ended up at this kiosk in The Hague. I even live in Nieuw-Vennep below Schiphol, so it doesn’t matter to me whether I drive to Amsterdam or The Hague every day.”

From Wednesday to Sunday

Since October 1, Jordi has been in the flower kiosk from Wednesday to Sunday. The previous owners, an elderly couple, only opened the kiosk on weekends in recent years. “That makes it difficult for me,” Jordi says. “A lot of people don’t know I’m open. At the moment, there are mainly regular customers who come to get a bunch of flowers or a plant for the cemetery.”

“These people are happy that I took over the kiosk and that is nice of course”, says Jordi further. “I just hope that people from the neighborhood will also be able to find me when they are looking for a beautiful bouquet for themselves or someone else. I make a new bouquet every day, but until now I usually have to throw them away.”

The future

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