Is your wardrobe (too) empty or do you just feel like a new outfit? And do you still feel the need to reject the fast-fashion and go for a second-hand look? Then we have a shopping tip for you.

Next weekend, on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 in November you can indulge yourself in fashion in the Broodfabriek. Second-hand and vintage clothing is sold there during the Vinokilo event.

Second-hand clothing

In the Broodfabriek you can buy clothing in a sustainable way from beautiful fashion brands. You will not find fast fashion here from, for example, Zara and H&M. The clothing is sold per kilo and costs between 40 and 50 euros.

Entrance to the event is 3 euros per person. There are certain times that you can enter the hall full of clothes. If you want to score the best bargains, we recommend that you come early. Buy tickets here.

Free entry

A nice tip: you can also save your 3 euros and try to score a free ticket for the sale. You have to be lucky and click back and forth between the times offered, but with us it works for nothing 13: hours to get in. Can you still buy something nice for those 3 euros.

De Broodfabriek

Volmerlaan 11, 829 GD Rijswijk

More information

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