Taxis from taxi company TCA in Amsterdam. Photo: ANP/Hollandse Hoogte/Harold Versteeg

The ceiling for the Subsidy Scheme for Sustainable Amsterdam Food Products has been reached. This is reported by the municipality of Amsterdam. Taxi entrepreneurs have used a total of one million euros in subsidy for the purchase of emission-free taxis.

“We are happy with all these taxi entrepreneurs who contribute to the health of residents and visitors in Amsterdam, reduction of CO2 emissions and reduction of traffic noise,” said a spokesperson for the municipality of Amsterdam. Now that the ceiling of one million euros has been reached, the subsidy scheme is closed. Taxi entrepreneurs can no longer submit applications.

Financial contribution The Subsidy Scheme for Sustainable Amsterdam Food Means was created to stimulate the transition to emission-free transport. Entrepreneurs established or working in the capital could initially rely on this scheme until the end of 2025. If they did, they received a financial contribution to switch to emission-free transport, as reported TaxiPro at the time.

A company could apply for a subsidy for a maximum of five vehicles. After receiving the subsidy, a completely emission-free vehicle must be purchased within six months, or a plug-in hybrid vehicle that can drive at least fifty kilometers in a row without emissions. One fossil fuel vehicle must be disposed of per sustainable vehicle.

Business kilometers Under the scheme, the new vehicle must be used on average three or more days per week or at least 23 days per year each month for the company within the municipality of Amsterdam. Ultimately, at least 8. business kilometers per year must be driven in this area.

The rule is that the vehicle is still in use for at least two years after the subsidy has been received. Within these two years, the mileage must also be recorded and passed on to the municipality if requested.

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