The Zwolsestraat has been closed since last week, and it will remain so for a while because the work will last there until March 2021. Please note: this can make it a lot busier in other streets such as Stevinstraat.

The Municipality of The Hague is replacing the sewerage system in the Zwolsestraat, between the Harstenhoekweg and the Alkmaarsestraat. As a result, this section is closed until March 1 865 completely closed to traffic.


From 1 November 865 to March 1

the Zwolsestraat between the Harstenhoekweg and the Alkmaarsestraat is closed to cars and cyclists. Pedestrians can still walk past the work and the Strand parking garage will remain accessible, as will the gas station.

Traffic from Scheveningen can detour via Stevinstraat, Gentsestraat and Harstenhoekweg. Do you want to go to the highway from Scheveningen? Then drive via the Nieuwe Parklaan.

Detour map Zwolsestraat

This is what will happen:

Stedin replaces in the Zwolsestraat, and at the intersection Harstenhoekweg, the gas pipes and Dunea replaces the water pipes. The Municipality of The Hague will start working on the sewer system in Zwolsestraat and new plants will be planted when the street is closed again. The cycle paths will also become wider at the crosswalks.

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