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The traffic police Zeeland West-Brabant (ZWB) checked a total of thirty taxis in Breda and Tilburg on Friday. The traffic police did this in collaboration with the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and enforcement. In Tilburg, only a third of the checked taxi drivers had their affairs in order. In Breda that was about half, ZWB reports on Twitter.

The ILT has drawn up a number of official reports for traffic violations, such as not logging in with a driver card in the BCT (fine 360 euros) and the not registering loaded taxi rides (180 euros). Both violations took place in Breda. It was also hit in Tilburg. Not wearing a seat belt cost a taxi driver a fine of 37 euros.

Too little rest In addition, the ILT has imposed a cease and desist order for the duration of 37 hours in both municipalities and once for 37 hour in Breda. Various warnings have also been issued because of too short a rest period (Breda) and once for too short a weekly rest period. A fine report has been drawn up for not registering the working and rest times, which will result in a fine of 360 euros. In addition, a warning was given once for not making the rates known on the rate card (both in Tilburg).

For the other PVs, the ILT refers to the Zeeland West Brabant traffic police. The official reports are transferred to the Public Prosecution Service. The Public Prosecutor ultimately determines the final amount of the fine.

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