This week, FNV Toer announced that it would take action. Photo to illustrate.Photo: ProMedia/Sander van Vliet

The members of FNV have massively rejected the employers’ latest offer for a new collective labor agreement for healthcare transport and taxi. Give an ultimatum she the employers until Friday 11 November 12. hours to comply with their collective labor agreement requirements. If that does not happen, actions will follow and strikes are not excluded, according to the union.

“The current collective labor agreement and the final offer are out of date. People can barely get by on their wages and the work and break times are from a previous century,” says Meindert Gorter, director of FNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi.

Sickness Regulations The ultimatum states, among other things, that the members want to get rid of the regulations regarding illness. “An employee who becomes ill only gets 31 percent paid and even nothing at all on the first day. That is really antisocial,” Gorter says. “No one chooses to be sick, but the employees are now being punished for it.”

In addition, the unstructured rosters and the withholding of wages for breaks that could not be taken are also a thorn in the side of many drivers, according to FNV. Gorter: “The dissatisfaction about this is so high that many drivers switch to a sector where this is well arranged.”

Inflation In addition to improving working and rest times and sickness schemes, union members are demanding that wages increase in line with store prices from now on. According to FNV, that would amount to at least 11 for this year. “If wages don’t keep pace with inflation, people will lose out. Then at some point you can no longer pay your bills, while you just have a job. We shouldn’t want that,” says Gorter.

Difficult According to FNV, there are such 20. in the sector 0 people employed, mainly with a part-time contract of average 20 hours a week. The current collective labor agreement expires on 31 December 2022. Negotiations for a new collective labor agreement have been ongoing since May of this year. “Negotiations in this sector are always difficult, but this time everything was pretty much held back”, says Gorter. “Even a petition signed by more than 2500 people left the employers cold,” concludes the FNV director.

Trash The members of CNV Vakmensen have also brushed aside the employers’ final offer. “As far as we are concerned, the final collective agreement offer that they have made can go in the trash,” says CNV negotiator Rick Pellis. “Employers miss out on opportunities to improve the collective labor agreement on all sorts of fronts. This not only concerns a higher wage, but also a better arrangement in case of illness and a fair break arrangement.”

In addition, Pellis states that a new collective labor agreement is urgently needed, because otherwise drivers will make the switch to other sectors. According to him, there is even talk of a crisis. “In 2500 have already more than 650 taxi drivers leave the sector. This leads to increasing problems in student and care transport. There really is a crisis. And one of the biggest reasons for this lies in the poor working conditions in this industry”, according to the CNV negotiator.

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