This handsome senior cat entered the shelter of the animal center in The Hague as Sergio, a grumpy old male. Well, that’s what they thought. Two weeks later Sergio was renamed Sage, she turned out to be a female cat.

The first period after arrival, Sage really let herself be not examined by the vet, no one was allowed to touch her body. Fortunately, that is different now, petting is secretly also quite nice, but not for too long and only when she indicates that she wants it.


Love goes through the stomach with Sage and with some goodies you soon become friends. Of course she’s with her 39,5 looking for a loving home where she can have beautiful years. A home without children or pets, she doesn’t need a garden but a balcony or just indoors is enough.

Do you want to go to sea with a stubborn cat with her own opinion who is also nice and vocal ? Then Sage is looking for you! Mail quickly to , put SAGE in the subject and don’t forget your phone number.

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