Have you noticed? The street lamps in front of the most famous theater in The Hague have recently had a crown on top. We found out why.

You may have seen it, or perhaps never at all, but the lanterns along the Hofvijver and Lange Voorhout all have a golden crown. Furthermore, no street lamp in The Hague has that. What about that and why suddenly the lanterns in front of the Koninklijke Schouwburg also have such a golden hat?


Well, you see it already stated above: that crown is on the lanterns for Prinsjesdag. Every third Tuesday of September, the coach travels from Noordeinde Palace over the Lange Voorhout to the Binnenhof. But since it is now being renovated, the Speech from the Throne was read this year (and the coming years) in the Koninklijke Schouwburg.

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Photo: indebuurt

This one The royal route that the carriage travels, you guessed it, along a route of street lamps that look just a bit more luxurious than the rest of their colleagues in The Hague. And now that the carriage will take place in the theater in the coming years, the ‘boring’ lanterns in front of the theater were exchanged for the royal ones just before Prinsjesdag.

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