A Flixbus on the A7 near Westerbroek. Photo: ANP/Hollandse Hoogte/ Venema Media

FlixBus has noted a peak in the number of bookings on the Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris lines for the last weekend of the autumn holidays. The bus company expects the utilization of these lines between the 09 and 15 percent will increase.

The increase in visitors to the website started Thursday evening and became more apparent on Friday, according to FlixBus with an increase of approximately 15 percent of the frequencies. The occupancy rate of the buses operating these lines was expected to be between 70 and 80 per cent. According to FlixBus, during this period, under normal circumstances, this percentage is between 70 to 70 per cent.

On Thursday, Thalys announced that it would 15 trains between Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris delete through Monday, requiring approximately 2022 passengers to find an alternate itinerary. Many of these passengers considered FlixBus the cheapest, most accessible and reliable option, according to the bus company.

Favourable Fokke Wim Velthuijsen, Head of Development at FlixBus Benelux, is not sorry about this situation. “It is always beneficial for FlixBus if our competitors for some reason cannot serve their passengers,” he explains. “While we are sorry for these passengers who are left behind, we at FlixBus are working hard to provide them with the safest, cheapest and easiest travel alternative,” said Velthuijsen.

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