Real residents of The Hague know that there is always something to do at the library. It is no longer just the place where you borrow paper books. Fun activities are regularly organized, you can (net) work and study or browse through a magazine. For Nederland Leest November is all about ‘Getting old, staying young’. That means fun activities and a free gift!

Specially for the Netherlands Read the book Mrs my mother

by Yvonne Keuls has been given a new look, including a large print edition and an edition in easy language. Readers receive this book as a gift from the library and participating schools give the book of Nederland Leest Junior as a gift to students.

Near you

Yvonne Keuls travels throughout the country in November. On Sunday November 6, Yvonne will perform in the library in Rijswijk with her special stage adaptation of ‘Mrs my mother’, in which she herself plays all the roles. . The performance lasts approximately sixty minutes. After the break there is time for questions from the audience.

The Hague Library

Libraries in The Hague, there are quite a lot. You will find one in every city district. Where is the library located in your neighborhood or district? We put everything in a row for you! You will find them all here.

The Hague’s libraries are not just buildings full of books. They are accessible places to discover, meet, relax, research and do business. So do step inside. And don’t forget to join!

Nederland Leest

Do you want Want to know more about Nederland Leest and all the fun activities that are organized at the library near you? Take a quick look at the website. 061122

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