Sven Braam has managed to raise 2.1 million euros for his company.Photo: Screenshot/Sneleentaxi

Booking platform Sneleentaxi has raised 2.1 million euros from its investors. The company itself has announced this. Alexander Willemsen (Scito) and Sam Rohn (Save your Parcel / Instabox), among others, are investing in the Utrecht taxi company. According to the booking platform, this money is intended as growth capital.

According to Sneleentaxi, the money is needed to continue to grow as a company. General manager Sven Braam says that the Utrecht taxi company, which entered the market in 2015, is rowing against the tide. “We are used to that. For example, we have grown enormously during the corona crisis, while many companies had a very hard time and in many cases still do,” says Braam.

Growth money According to Sneleentaxi, their turnover will exceed ten million euros this year. That amounts to a threefold increase compared to 2015, when turnover had already tripled. Although Sneleentaxi in 2015 was only profitable for the first time, according to Braam, that is not the focus. “This is real growth money. We want to further accelerate our growth and this investment should contribute to that.”

Sneleentaxi wants to distinguish itself by offering services both within and outside the Randstad. In addition, the booking platform wants to make it possible to book a taxi at any time of the day – within thirty minutes – throughout the Netherlands.

‘Inefficient’ healthcare transport Sneleentaxi started seven years ago as a platform for private and business travelers, but since the corona pandemic, the Utrecht taxi company has also been offering healthcare transport. “The inefficiency in healthcare transport is in many cases distressing,” Braam explains that decision. “For example, vulnerable people often have to wait for hours and are then transported with a long detour. Sneleentaxi wants to put an end to this inefficiency and this growth capital makes this possible.”

According to the general manager, it is of great importance that the organization is given a boost to achieve this objective. “We now have collaborations with several healthcare parties and also allow other parties the opportunity to experience our services. This requires further scaling up of our organization and platform.”

Total solution Despite the addition of care transport to the service package, according to Sven Braam, the private and business market is not forgotten either. “We are a total solution for transport. In recent years we have been able to shorten our arrival times throughout the Netherlands. We are now also going to make the final move with the money raised: being able to instantly book transport throughout the Netherlands”, concludes Braam.

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