In an open letter, Greenpeace asks Schiphol’s CEO, Ruud Sondag, whether he opts for a sustainable future.

He then gives the following response:

“It is right that interest groups insist on a cleaner Netherlands and hold the CEO to account about this. I have been committed to a sustainable Netherlands for more than 25 years and that is of course not going to change. I like it and Schiphol likes it.

Schiphol has an important social mission: to connect the Netherlands with the rest of the world and make a positive contribution to the well-being of the Dutch. The Netherlands is directly connected to almost 25 destinations in the world via Schiphol. That is a great good, but that has to change: better for our employees, better for the environment and with fewer emissions, less nuisance. Our goal is clear: zero-emission airports in 2030 and net climate neutral aviation in 2050. And we have a duty to lead the way. When I look at this sector now, I see: yes, that has to be done faster, I share that sense of urgency. It is also Schiphol’s role to help our customers achieve their sustainability ambitions.

As an aviation sector, we must do everything we can to become quieter and cleaner. That’s my image. The task is immense, but achievable. But only feasible if we work together. With our environment, the government, society. Clear laws and regulations and the right permits are a requirement. This should be clarified soon.

Sustainability also means dealing sustainably with employees. That is also my agenda. I stand up for them too. Demonstrating is a great thing. With respect for our employees. They work hard every day for passengers at Schiphol.

I would like to talk to everyone there in the near future, with Greenpeace, with employees, with trade unions, in other words with everyone.

And for Saturday, be welcome, but keep it tidy.”

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