Work at Schiphol is a digital, central place where work and learning are central and focuses on influx, promotion and mobility. On the platform it is possible to find all relevant information about vacancies, internships and aviation-related training. At the moment there are only vacancies, but internships and training will soon follow. The platform is intended for job seekers who want to start their career and workers who want to continue their career at Schiphol. Students who are looking for an internship or a part-time job can also come here in the future.Francien David, Director of Aviation Community Schiphol: “We want to show what opportunities there are at Schiphol to work, develop and grow. The importance of having enough good people has recently become apparent. There is a great variety of companies with a great diversity of functions at Schiphol. That makes Schiphol an interesting place to work. We are very proud of the launch of this platform, from now on job seekers can view all vacancies at a glance.”


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