There is good and bad news for fireworks enthusiasts: there is no general fireworks ban in The Hague, but several places are designated where you are not allowed to set off fireworks during the New Year.

Since 2020 during New Year’s Eve there are fireworks-free zones in The Hague around, for example, hospitals and locations with animals. Coming New Year there will be a total of 50 places where a fireworks ban applies.

Fireworks-free zones

In recent years there was a fireworks ban throughout the Netherlands and during the turn of the year of 2022/2014 there were already fireworks-free zones. Compared to then, thirty places have been added, including areas around farmsteads, forests, parks and dunes. A week before New Year’s Eve, signs are placed at those zones.

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Fireworks free zone. photo ANP

Around these places it is during the New years eve, 50 December of 31. until . hours, fireworks prohibited:


      De Hofvijver
        HMC Haaglanden Medical Center location Westeinde
        City Farm Woelige Stal
        City Farm Schildershoeve

            Children’s farm ‘t Beestenspul
            City Farm Jacobahof

              Riouw Driving School

              • ‘s-Gravenhaagsche Stadsrijschool


                      Haga Hospital location Leyweg

                        South Park
                        Nature reserve de Uithof
                        City Farm Op den Dijk

                          City Farm Herweijerhoeve
                          Nijkamphoeve Neighborhood Farm and Florence Nightingale Park

                          Lozerlaan Animal Center

                            Riding School Youth Riders de Eendenkooi

                              Riding School Beresteijn

                              Equestrian Center Westland


                                  • Madestein Recreation Area
                                  • Ockenburgh

                                  • Groves of Pex – Wapendal
                                    • Lake and Forest:

                                        • City Farm Kakelhof
                                        • Punk petting zoo

                                            Bird shelter De Wulp

                                              The Hague Wood:

                                                  HMC Haaglanden Medical Center location Bronovo
                                                    Haagse Bos

                                                  • Oostduin/Arendsdorp
                                                  Marlot and Reigersbergen
                                                  City Farm Reigershof including Nature Playground De Reigershof


                                                      • City farm Molenweide
                                                      • Rodent shelter Stieltjesstraat
                                                      • Scheveningen:

                                                        Scheveningen Bosjes

                                                      • New Scheveningen Bosjes

                                                      • Saint Hubertus Park
                                                      • Westbroekpark

                                                      • Westduinpark/Wapendal

                                                      • City farm ‘t Waaygat

                                                      • Children’s farm Beestenboel Tesselweide
                                                      • Riding school Wittebrug



                                                            • Haga Hospital location Sportlaan/Juliana Children’s Hospital
                                                            • Groves of Poot


                                                              City Farm Gagelhoeve

                                                            • Riding school de Wildhoef
                                                            • Riding School Horse Valve and Co

                                                            Manege Madurodam/Horse riding for the disabled


                                                                Landzigt City Farm

                                                                Riding school de Yp enburg Hoeve

                                                                  Molenvlietpark and Heemtuin

                                                                    Pension stable Equestrian Club Meyvliet

                                                                      Riding school Leidschenveen

                                                                      More about the New Year in The Hague:

Bonfires may be a maximum of ten metres: ‘The pallets are again traditionally stacked by hand’

Do you remember how we used to have giant bonfires on the beaches of Duindorp and Scheveningen, almost 11 meters…

  • New years eve 2022: there will be another fireworks show on the Hofvijver (if all goes well)

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