In the municipalities of Dordrecht, Amstelveen and Aalsmeer, RMC has taken over all activities of Maasstad Regie Centrale (MRC) since Tuesday 1 November. That company announced last month that it would stop all activities. According to Gerry Oosterbaan, director of RMC, the first week went smoothly.

“Especially if you consider that we had little time to take over the transport ”, RMC director Gerry Oosterbaan looks back on the first week. “All children are properly transported and the number of complaints are within acceptable margins. I can’t really say anything other than that it went very smoothly.”

Soundless transition Maasstad announced last month to stop all work. When announcing this news, Maasstad immediately made it clear that it wanted to participate in a successful transfer of all activities. “Maasstad still wants to try to arrange and prepare everything neatly in difficult circumstances, so that an almost silent transition can take place”, the Rotterdam transport company said in a statement at the time.

According to RMC director Gerry Oosterbaan, that has also been amply successful. “We actually took over a planning that already existed, namely that of Maasstad. The people and resources that go with it have come over with them. We took care of everything that had to be arranged around this, such as converting BCTs. We are actually continuing something that was already fairly stable.”

When asked, Maasstad Regie Centrale also indicated that it was very satisfied. According to them, the intention to achieve a silent transfer has been successful. “Maasstad Regie Centrale has made every effort to do this in the interest of the children and clients to be transported,” the Rotterdam transport company said. “The good constructive cooperation with RMC made this result possible.”

Messy Despite the fact that the transfer of As the work went smoothly, the first day of RMC in the municipality of Amstelveen, where the Rotterdam transport company is taking over Wmo transport, was somewhat chaotic, according to Gerry Oosterbaan. “That also had to do with a number of technical matters, such as transferring systems. Fortunately, we can now conclude that the days after that have gone better.”

In the municipality of Dordrecht, where RMC has been providing student transport under the flag of mobility platform Stroomlijn since this week, the first day went less well. messy than in Amstelveen. “The first day went well,” says Oosterbaan. However, even on that day, the necessary hurdles had to be overcome in Dordrecht. “Here too, systems had to be converted. This is of course not arranged at the push of a button. Certain things just have to happen for that. That meant that we had to let some drivers drive with adjustments. Fortunately it all went well. We are preparing for the second week”, concludes Oosterbaan.

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