We could all use a helping hand every now and then. Especially at school. Whether your child needs help with that one difficult subject or gets stuck with homework: Lyceo offers homework support and tutoring to help your child boost his grades.

On 16 In November Lyceo Wassenaar organizes an evening where parents can go with questions about parenting. You can attend the evening for free if you register.

What does Lyceo do?

Most schools have completed the exam weeks. This means that the results are in. Many students therefore already know whether they need to go the extra mile to achieve their goals. Lyceo gives your child the tools to perform better at school. Think, for example, of homework guidance or tutoring for the subjects that your child struggles with.

The support does not only come in the form of substantive support. Lyceo also helps children with planning and organizing their agenda. By giving your child study skills such as structuring, planning, repetition and reflection, they can better tackle their studies in the future.

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What does a day at Lyceo look like?

Finished with school, but still want to brush up on their knowledge for that one subject? Which can! Your day starts with a conversation with your supervisor. He will go through the plan with you. Then you start working on a subject that you struggle with. Think of making summaries and reading them slowly until you have absorbed the information. The facilitator then questions you with a few easy and difficult questions.

This method seems obvious, but can be quite difficult on your own. The support that a counselor can offer is often just that little extra that can help the child.

First aid for parenting

During this evening you will receive tips and tricks about raising your child from experienced parenting expert Caroline Rutgers. As an educator and family counselor, Caroline has been working with parents, children and young people for years. She does not like complicated theoretical information, but solutions that work in practice. During this evening you have the opportunity to ask Caroline questions about your child’s upbringing.

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Interested in the workshop?

If you would like to attend this evening, you can register by emailing . Do you have burning questions. Do you have questions about what Lyceo can do for you or your child? Then you can always email or call 03121631.

Note: the workshop is on 11 Nov. Walk in 19.30 and commencement 20.00 on Langstraat

. Until then!


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