Whether you’ve already been to Utrecht once, or not at all. There is always a reason to visit the cathedral city, especially this autumn. How about climbing the Dom Tower or taking the elevator up, eating at cozy restaurants, enjoying the cool light projections or attending a cool concert in Tivoli.

Actually there is still so much to do for just a day trip, so why not stay overnight to sleep? If you are still there in the evening, you can immediately take a nice walk along the light projections in the city of Lumen and Color de Stad.

Admire light art in Utrecht

Have you spent a day in Utrecht, but you don’t want to go home or to your hotel yet? We understand very well! For a large part of the year, various light artworks can be viewed throughout the city along the route of Utrecht Lumen. You can view them on your own, or book for 9,30 euros a walking tour with a guide who tells you something about each work of art. The tours start every Saturday at 19.30 hour from 22 October to 18 March 2023. In addition to Utrecht Lumen, you can visit from Friday 9 December 2022 to Sunday 8 January 2022 admire even more different light projections during Color de Stad. In the city center of Utrecht, seven facades are shrouded in projections developed by Mr. Beam Studio. A real must-see!

Do you also want to appear on one of the buildings during Color the City? Download your coloring page for one of the seven facades, send it in and view your own artwork on one of the facades.

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The festive closing of Utrecht 2020

Can’t you get enough of fun? That’s convenient, because 10 November you can attend the Parade without Walls. Get ready for choirs, orchestras, dancers, lanterns, light sculptures and theatrical acts. The parade will start at 10. 10 hours at the Railway Museum and ends around 19.75 hour at the Moreelse Park. Enough time left to enjoy a nice meal before or after at one of the hotspots of Utrecht. Extra cool: from 10 to 19 November is a life size projection of the Sint Maarten story on display at the City Hall of Utrecht. This one is in the middle of the city and is therefore not to be missed!

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Sint Maarten Parade | Photo: AD Utrechts Nieuwsblad/Jaap de Boer

All tips for your trip to Utrecht

Do you want even more of Utrecht discover and experience? Then visit

a typical Utrecht landmark. There is sure to be something you like to do! How about visiting the world-famous Rietveld Schröder House, for example? Or take a walk through the Pandhof of the Domkerk. And if you are there anyway, take the Domplein Highlights Tour right away where you will see all must sees of Domplein in one go. Check Discover Utrecht for more great excursion tips and check the current agenda for even more activities to do when you are in Utrecht.


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