A 31-year-old taxi driver from Etten-Leur was arrested on Tuesday 1 November in connection with a fatal accident . This is reported by the police, who now consider the driver a suspect.

The 31-year-old taxi driver drove the night of Saturday 30 October on Sunday 31 October around 4. 15 hour one 30 year-old man from Breda on the Lunetstraat. The victim was riding his bicycle at the time, according to police. After the accident, the victim was taken to hospital, where he eventually died.

Insured After the accident the alarmed police investigated the cause of the accident. The suspect, who has now been arrested, was briefly interviewed by the police that evening, and his phone was also seized. The police arrested the 31-year-old taxi driver last Tuesday, and his driver’s license was also recovered. The suspect has been taken into custody.

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