How warm the last days of October were. In fact, they were the warmest 16 and 29 October ever measured in The Hague. Will we have this again in November?

Matthijs van der Linden, meteorologist at Weeronline says: “November starts softly with 18 until 18 degrees and it is dry except for a few showers. After that, the afternoon temperature sets in a gradual decrease to 11- degrees in the second week.”


During the first week of November, the chance of showers increases in The Hague and the temperature drops to 13 or 12 degrees. This makes it slightly softer than normal for the time of year. As far as precipitation is concerned, you can expect very normal November weather and that means that there are regular showers. Just to be sure, take an umbrella with you when you walk around Clingendael. At our coast, even wetter weather is expected.

Later in the month

Matthijs: “After that, the expectation becomes a bit more uncertain. There is no clear signal for very mild and dry or cold or wet weather. For the time being, it is best to assume very average November weather. That means that the afternoon temperature is more often between 7 and 11 degrees falls. You will definitely need the umbrella for that.” Curious about the weather forecast for the next few days? Check it out below.

The Hague Weather

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