This is what Taxi Order Point can look like in practice. Photo for illustration. Photo: Taxi Order Point

An accessible way to order a taxi and an extra tool for local taxi companies to generate extra journeys. That is the idea behind Taxi Order Point (TOP). With TOP, taxi entrepreneurs can generate customers in a simple and accessible way, for example at hotels, restaurants and bars. Customers who use Taxi Order Point also reap the benefits.

Taxi Order Point does not use an app or website. Customers can easily order a taxi via a unique QR code or an NFC chip. This works as follows: customers scan the QR code at the place where they want to order a taxi. They can then fill in a booking form, after which the customer has the option to view, edit and even cancel the journey order. The customer can also see where the taxi driver is.

“The QR code that is read knows exactly where the customer is and to which carrier it is linked. In this way, the journey order automatically ends up with the correct taxi company, which will provide the relevant journey”, says Mark Bresser, one of the inventors, about the new product. “This way of ordering also does not require any downloads, credit cards or registration. This is actually a very accessible way for customers to order a taxi and for taxi companies to generate rides. In this way an order point is created for very little money, at the place and time when the passenger needs a taxi.”

Beer coasters However, it is the taxi companies that have to do it, emphasizes Bresser. After all, they themselves have to provide flyers, coasters or stickers with the QR code printed on them and distribute these themselves among their clients. “The QR codes can be downloaded as a PDF. The entrepreneur can get started with this file himself. They have to think for themselves and come up with creative ideas about how they want to bind potential clients. This allows the carrier to determine its own strategy. For example, he can put his QR code on a beer mat and distribute it in the pub with which he has a partnership. The carrier is completely free in this. We only facilitate that such a unique QR code is very easy to download.”

According to Mark Bresser, Taxi Order Point is therefore primarily intended for taxi entrepreneurs who have already managed to bind certain clients, such as a restaurant or a hotel. But TOP can also be interesting for companies that do not yet have clients. “For carriers who do not yet have clients, TOP is also a means of retaining them. This system is in fact a replacement for the current tools that are already available.”

Max Havelaar The idea for Taxi Order Point did not just come out of the blue. With this new ordering system, Bresser wants to take a stand against large international companies, such as Uber and Bolt. “The taxi companies don’t need Uber or Bolt to drive customers, who then have to travel between the 02 and 30 percent commission. However, local taxi companies can never compete with the large money of those parties. With TOP, we therefore offer the local taxi entrepreneur a tool, so that those rides end up with them in their own region and not with the Ubers of this world. Why should all rides be ordered through them? We want to do something about that. You should therefore see Taxi Order Point as Max Havelaar’s coffee. The proceeds go directly to the coffee farmer, without the intervention of large companies. At Taxi Order Point, the proceeds go directly to the relevant taxi company, without an Uber or Bolt in between.”

Social distancing In addition to the battle against large international taxi platforms, according to Mark Bresser, there was another reason behind the creation of Taxi Order Point. The idea was born during the corona pandemic. According to Bresser, this created the demand from customers to order a taxi, without the intervention of a reception or desk employee. “Customers were looking for other ways to order a taxi. This has accelerated due to the coronavirus outbreak. During this period, a form of social distancing emerged. Contact had to be avoided as much as possible. As a result, the demand has also arisen among transporters to come up with solutions, so that the customer can also order a taxi from, for example, his own hotel room. In this way, the customer no longer has to knock on the door of a reception desk to have a taxi drive to you. So the idea arose during the corona period, but we think this way of ordering will remain relevant in the future. This concept can be applied anytime and anywhere.”

Passenger is in control Bresser therefore thinks that Taxi Order Point will be a great success. “If we look at the Amsterdam market, we see that there is already a lot of interest from both clients and carriers. Apart from that, I think this way of ordering will replace almost every kiosk that currently exists. This system puts the passengers back in control. The potential is immense. We are going to try to make it a great success”, concludes Bresser.

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