In the area of ​​appearance of De Stentor (Apeldoorn/Veluwe, Deventer/Zutphen and Zwolle) many complaints are received about student transport, but others are actually very satisfied. This is apparent from an online poll conducted by the newspaper among a hundred parents. On average they give a 5.9 for the transport.

According to the newspaper, the poll shows three clear points of criticism that, according to parents, should be improved: too long journeys, children arriving late at school and communication with the relevant carriers. However, the most frequently mentioned complaint is the frequent change of drivers. ‘If a young person has just gotten used to it, there is a new face behind the wheel. That has a lot of impact on someone with autism, for example,” the newspaper writes. Children being picked up late from home and arriving late at school is a common problem in many cases. Also, journeys sometimes take too long. These complaints can be heard in different municipalities and with different carriers. The same applies to the comments from satisfied parents, because by no means everyone has negative experiences with long journeys and being late for school.

Where parents do agree, according to the Stentor article. to annoy is the lack of communication from the carriers. Especially about changes in departure times that are reported late or not and complaints that are sometimes only picked up later. Here too, however, quite a few parents have had good experiences with the communication of their child’s carrier.

Signaal Munckhof provides student transport in Zwolle. According to the transport company, this result sends a clear signal. “It tells us that there is still room for improvement”, Bas de Smit tells TaxiPro. “That’s how we see it, but we do realize that the challenges in Zwolle are great. Of the four hundred children we transport there, in forty cases we still have trouble with the timeliness of the transport.”

According to De Smit, this has to do with the current driver shortage affecting the transport industry. “How do we get enough drivers? That is, of course, the question that plays a role throughout the industry. No company does not have to deal with this problem. We are working with all our might to recruit enough new drivers.” De Smit is also adamant about the lack of communication that many parents experience as disruptive. According to him, Munckhof does everything it can to be as accessible as possible. “However, the staff shortage also affects the office. Nevertheless, we try to give priority to answering all questions that come to us. However, this sometimes comes at the expense of planning and processing journeys. It’s a bit like choosing the golden mean. As a result, you will never be able to do it right for everyone, but the intention is to serve everyone as well as possible.”

In addition, not all results from this poll negative image of student transport. For example, parents indicate that they are often positive about the drivers. Bas de Smit considers that fact a great compliment. “I am very pleased with that. The experience of the user, in this case of parents whose children use the student transport, is hugely determinative. Drivers actually come to the door to pick up those children. When problems arise and people are dissatisfied, they are the first to be confronted with them. That is of course a thankless task.”

Understanding “ Fortunately, I can see from this that drivers are able to show understanding for the frustrations that parents may experience, but also that parents show understanding for the fact that drivers are only partly responsible. If carriers, parents, drivers and municipalities remain motivated together to solve the problem, then we will really get somewhere. None of these four parties can solve the problems on their own”, De Smit concludes.

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