Taking time for your breakfast, not many Dutch people do that (anymore), but it is important! A quiet and generous breakfast is super important to start your day and get through it. Hoender en Hop knows all about that. They therefore introduce the Super Breakfast Buffet: extensive breakfast for € 11 ,50 per person. Something for you?

From now on you can visit the catering business on the Grote Markt every day for your balanced day start. Every day from 00.00 until 11.00 hours (Sunday from 09. until 12.00 hour). Join us in a cozy atmosphere with your partner, family, colleague or just a friend. Costs: € 11,11 per person, including unlimited delicious filter coffee. Children up to the age of 6 also have breakfast for free (6 to 11 year-olds 50 percent discount). You can just walk in, but you can also book a table in advance.

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From freshly fried eggs to yogurt and cereal

Whether you are a big breakfast eater, like American breakfasts , are a fan of a typical English breakfast or often go for a small bowl of yogurt in the morning; Many delicious breakfast dishes are prepared in the open kitchen of Hoender en Hop. For each his own. Choose from:

    Freshly baked (stir )eggs;

    American pancakes;

  • Waffles;
  • Fresh fruit;
  • Grilled tomatoes;

    Roasted mushrooms;

      Caramelized onions;

    • Various types of siege;

      Yogurt and cereals;

      And of course: the best filter coffee in town!


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      Ideal day start

      Previously, the catering business already offered a ‘All Day Breakfast’ concept, which turned out to be a bull’s eye. The Super Breakfast Buffet is the next step and is ideal as a start before your work or shopping session in the city center of The Hague. You will only find similar extensive breakfast buffets in hotels. As far as is known, Hoender en Hop is the only one that now offers this in the heart of The Hague. Are you going to have a nice breakfast inside? Or do you want to see The Hague start up from the heated terrace?

      Warming up session

      Extra fun for your work team: you can also book a warming up breakfast with brainstorming session at Hoender en Hop. You can do this in the enclosed space on the first floor, which is very spacious and has fine technology. Something different than that bamtje behind your desk, right?


      As mentioned, you can freely walk in daily for the Super Breakfast Buffet. Would you like to reserve a table in advance? You can do that easily here.

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