Passengers in a coach. Photo: TaxiPro (UK)

Despite the high diesel price at the pump, school trips and staff outings with coaches will continue for the time being. This is reported by a spokesperson for the umbrella organization Royal Dutch Transport (KNV). Coach companies pass on the high price for the fuel, but that doesn’t stop people from giving up a bus trip.

According to the spokesperson, the coach season is normally already over, but many companies now even have orders well into November. However, he does not know what the flag will look like in a few months. With this, the spokesman refers, among other things, to a possible diesel shortage. New European sanctions against Russia could mean that diesel will no longer be available at some gas stations, warned the Tank Stations Association earlier this week.

Travel must be profitable The price for diesel has been high for some time. Coach companies then decided to sit down with customers. “Many companies felt that they could not just raise prices, especially for customers who booked a trip early,” the spokesperson explains. “But the fact is that the margins in the sector are not particularly high, so the price had to be passed on in some cases. So it sometimes happens that a company comes back to a previously agreed price, because a trip must be profitable.”

Electric coaches The coach industry has been working on the transition to electric coaches for some time. If only because more and more inner cities will be emission-free in the future. “Against 50 many coaches will drive electrically. What is a problem for now is the delivery of electric buses,” the spokesperson explains.

There are also problems with planability. For example, public transport companies know how much a bus drives daily, and what the battery capacity can be adjusted to. “It is different for coaches. One day a bus 50 drives kilometers, the next day 750. But it is indeed being looked at,” said the spokesman.

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