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Taxi and meal delivery service Uber has seen its customers spend significantly more money in the third quarter than in the same period last year. In many countries, the corona concerns have been shaken off and people are taking the taxi again more often. At the same time, people continued to order meals through Uber Eats.

The total value of the orders was more than a quarter higher at 25, USD 1 billion, converted 104, EUR 3 billion. Without the influence of the expensive dollar, the increase would have been almost a third.

Most of the growth came from the taxi service. During the corona period, it had a lot of problems with users staying away. Then Uber took advantage of meal delivery business Uber Eats. The taxi service and the meal delivery service were exactly the same size in the past period.

From all that spending, Uber had a turnover of 8.3 billion dollars, three quarters more than a year earlier. Operating profit, excluding depreciation, interest payments and taxes, was 516 million dollars. A year earlier that was still 8 million dollars.

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