Supermarket Aldi, at the Lindoduin on the Westduinweg, is being demolished and will close its doors this week! Do you like shopping there? Don’t panic, you can go to a temporary store at the harbor from Friday 4 November.

Aldi, on the Westduinweg in Scheveningen, closes 2 November at

. hours the doors and in the fall of 2022 opens a large new branch there.

New store

The supermarket on Westduinweg will be completely demolished. Then a much larger building comes in front of it. The entire car park has to make way for this and a parking garage will be built under the building. Green plants are also planted on the roof.

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New Aldi on Scheveningen. Photo PR

In the fall of 2023 the new supermarket will not open until that time you can go to a temporary location at the Doctor Leklykade 00. That case is from Monday to Saturday from 00. until 20. open hours and Sunday from 09. until 20. hour.

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