The Hague is a beautiful city with many different and special places. Did you happen to know this unique game store? Then it is of course the case of Olivier: Tabletop Kingdom The Hague. There you will find the perfect game for a wonderful evening at home full of fun.

Temperatures are dropping: you can go to the terrace less often and meet at home more often. So it’s time for a new hobby or to breathe new life into your hobby. Olivier’s shop has plenty of different games to keep you and your friends and family entertained this fall. Bring on those autumn and winter evenings!

A true entrepreneur

Olivier owns game store Tabletop Kingdom. He comes from a real entrepreneurial family and missed something in the city: “There was actually no store that connected with the


of spell. There are very few of these in the Netherlands.” Olivier saw an opportunity there and with great success: the games specialist has now been in existence for nine years.

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Oliver in front of his shop Tabletop Kingdom | Photo: Tabletop Kingdom

Large group of players

Olivier thinks it is important that the store’s offer is in line with the public. He says about this: “We have a large group of players and interested parties who come to the store a lot. They play different games with each other, after which they discuss: what is fun and interesting about the game? Or what not?”

Olivier continues with a laugh: “That is perhaps the hardest part of running a games store. Sometimes I think that something is going to be liked and then it is disappointing. Or suddenly a game becomes extremely popular. To find out, you need the opinion of your community


Of all

How many games does Oliver’s shop have exactly? That’s too much to mention. The entrepreneur does know that his store attracts many different visitors. He likes to see that: “Families, friends, highly and less educated, from young to old, come here. I love to see that games are still fun for everyone! Most visitors have a lot of affinity with games and fantasy


Time to give presents

Would you like to give something different as a gift this coming holidays than a pair of socks, a good book or that one nice perfume? Then you have come to the right place at a game store. “Autumn is really my favorite time. You notice that more is being sold: people are staying inside more and the holidays are approaching again. A game is of course super fun to give.”

Table with nice deals

The festive season is upon us again. A nice, but also an exciting time for Olivier. “After two corona years, I am really looking forward to these months. It will be very different from previous years and that also brings a certain tension. Let the crowds come, we are ready! We unpack by decorating the store and putting out treats. This makes shopping even more fun!”

Especially for the holidays, Tabletop Kingdom has some great deals. “We fill tables with great offers that match the holidays. So come and take a look in the store on those days and let yourself be advised. You might come across something you don’t know yet!”

You must have these games

One of the games on such a table becomes Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Pandemic System Game. Olivier says enthusiastically: “This game is really just out, fresh off the press. Many of our visitors are true Star Wars fans, so they really must have this game. Even if you are not that familiar with it, you should give it a try. It’s a fun game for the whole family!”

Puzzling and party

Two more toppers for the pocket of Sinterklaas or under the tree are the games Stella and Poetry for Neanderthals. “Stella is a game for real puzzle lovers. It is challenging: you really have to think creatively and play tactically.”

Poetry for Neanderthals is the game for a cozy evening at home with a snack and a drink. A real party game! Olivier explains: “In this game you get a forbidden word. You may only use one syllable of words to explain the forbidden word. So quite difficult.” Note: If you use the wrong word, you can get hit with an inflatable bat. Be extra careful with the drinks on the table.

What does Olivier think is the most popular game in his shop? “That really is the Ticket To Ride game. It’s been around for a while, but the game continues to be loved by the general public.”

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Let yourself be advised

Olivier understands better than anyone that it is sometimes best it is difficult to choose the best game. He finds that a challenge. “When people come into the store, we are driven to offer them the right game. We are happy to explain it to you and advise you. For that you really have to visit our game store. We’re here for you!”

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