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The National Taxi Transport Complaints Hotline will cease to operate as of 1 January 2018. This is reported by TX-Keur, together with Royal Dutch Transport (KNV), one of the managers of the hotline. According to the administrators, the goal of the complaints hotline has been achieved after twenty years.

“The legal obligation to refer to it has also expired”, TX-Keur explains further on its website. “The complaints desk has always been intended as an extra safety net. After all, the law prescribes that complaints handling should in the first instance be the responsibility of the carrier.”

Remove references in a timely manner If travelers and the carrier are unable to resolve a conflict between themselves, the traveler can go to the Disputes Committee. According to the foundation, the Care and Taxi Disputes Committee will continue to exist. TX-Keur advises carriers who still refer to the website of the National Taxi Transport Complaints Hotline or to its telephone number, to remove it in good time.

“A reference to the National Complaints Hotline was legally required until 2018. It is therefore still referenced on many print receipts, rate cards, road signs or company websites. We advise you to carefully check whether this is the case within your organisation. In that case you can remove the reference”, says TX-Keur.

The reporting center had to guarantee quality The national reporting center for complaints about taxi transport was established after the introduction of the Passenger Transport Act, to guarantee the quality of the now deregulated sector. At the time, this happened partly at the request of the House of Representatives. The reporting point was initially housed at the then Transport and Water Management Inspectorate (09), but in 2010 the activities of the hotline were taken over by the KNV trade association and the traveler’s organization Rover. From 2018 the complaints hotline is managed by the TX-Keur foundation.

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