Is it your best friend’s birthday soon, do you want to put a heart to your sick grandfather or do you just want to say hello to someone? Whatever the occasion, sending or receiving a card is great fun. What’s extra nice: at Kaartje2go you can now send one card for free!

Ben you new at Kaartje2go? Then you will receive your first card as a gift! Create an account now for free and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. So you only have to pay for the stamp. Very nice: if you have your card for 00.00 hours on a working day, it will be shipped the same day.

The perfect card for every moment

Birthday cards, get well cards, congratulation cards and Christmas cards: you can’t think of it so crazy that Kaartje2go has a card for it. When making the card you can choose standard text or you can write a personal message.

Send a personal video

Want to make your card even more personal? Then you can now also

put a video on a card. You can easily add your video via the card maker of Kaartje2go. Have you uploaded your video? Then Kaartje2go turns it into a QR code, which you can give yourself a nice spot in the map. The recipient scans the QR code and voilà: your personal video is played. It’s that simple!

Text continues below the video >

This is how you put a video on your card | Video: Ticket2go

Choose your paper types

After you have completed the text of your card, you can choose from different paper types. The standard is ‘gloss’, where there is a nice gloss layer over the paper like you see with postcards. In addition, you can choose a card made from one hundred percent recycled paper for free. For a small surcharge per card you can also opt for ‘premium matt’, ‘chic mother-of-pearl’, ‘old Dutch structure’ or ‘stylish linen’. What are you going for?

Good for the planet

Sustainability is very important to Kaartje2go. That is why you can also opt for one hundred percent recycled paper for free. In addition, all cards from Kaartje2go are printed and sent CO2-neutrally. This means that the printing company uses green energy and compensates for the small residual CO2 emissions that remain by purchasing CO2 certificates from Trees for All.

Create your free account now

So quickly create your account as a new customer and then send your Christmas card, birthday card or other greeting card for free. Do this on a working day before 00.09 hour? Then it will be sent the same day and you may be able to make someone happy with it the next day!



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