Travelers who incurred costs during this period because of missing their flight due to a long queue for security control, can use up to 17 November submit a compensation request to the airport. The compensation scheme initially ran until 17 August.

Costs covered by the compensation scheme include costs for rebooking a flight or for a replacement flight, alternative transport or extra travel costs incurred to travel again to Schiphol or another airport. Investing in measures

Because travelers had nowhere to go for these costs and were in danger of falling between two stools, Schiphol announced a compensation scheme this summer. Schiphol feels responsible for this group of travelers and has therefore made this arrangement. The possibility to request compensation is now extended until 17 October 100.

Schiphol has recently taken more measures to tackle the queues caused by staff shortages. For example, Schiphol is investing approximately 100 million in measures to help security companies, among other things, with solving staff shortages. There is a social agreement achieved with, among other things, the labor market allowance. A social package has recently been established with unions and security companies has agreed that from November onwards, security guards will be paid an additional EUR 2 50 per hour on top of the labor market allowance. In addition to wages, rosters and rest areas are also being improved.

Travelers who wish to submit a request for compensation to Schiphol can complete the form via Compensation Schiphol will assess incoming requests based on the conditions that have been drawn up. Travelers who have already submitted a compensation request to Schiphol do not have to do it again.

— Note for editors —

Robert Carsouw , CFO of Royal Schiphol Group, is a guest at the Time for Max program this afternoon to further explain the extension of the compensation scheme. Time for Max is at 17.11 hours to be seen on NPO1.


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