Are you planning a renovation or have you just bought a new house? Wooning has a wide range of bathrooms and kitchens. Choose one of the living styles that suits your interior taste.

At Wooning you will find everything under one roof. Here you can go for a major renovation of your (new) house and tackle your kitchen, bathroom and the floor. Whatever your living style: here you will find a kitchen and bathroom that suits you. The choice is huge: from industrial and design to rural and modern.

Choose your kitchen and bathroom at the same time

If you If you purchase a kitchen and bathroom at the same time, the advantage is that you can extend your interior style throughout the house. You spend quite a bit of time in both rooms every day, so it is important to make the living areas both comfortable and up-to-date. And an additional advantage: with a kitchen and bathroom in the same style, your interior becomes one harmonious whole.

That is how it works

The advisors are ready for you in the store in The Hague and bring all your living ideas to life in a 3D design. Do you want to be sure that you can discuss your housing needs in peace? Make a combi-appointment to discuss your dream kitchen and bathroom. The advisors work with you in a personal way and ensure that the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom fits together seamlessly.

Within one day they will work out your new kitchen and bathroom for you. The rest of your interior is also included, so that everything becomes one. At Wooning you have come to the right place for a wide range of wall and floor tiles. How about a wall cabinet in the living room, for example, made of the same material as your beautiful new kitchen? At Wooning you will find everything under one roof. Book your combi-appointment at Wooning and complete the plans for your entire house in one go!

Need inspiration?

Not sure which style of living you are looking for or do you actually like everything? Wooning highlights three styles to give you some inspiration.


A design kitchen and bathroom is characterized by a luxurious and exclusive appearance. High-quality materials are often used that complement each other well, such as wood and marble. In addition, a design kitchen is often spatially set up so that there is enough space for the latest equipment and smart storage systems. A design bathroom also follows the latest trends. Think of a design washbasin furniture and design taps. Or how about a Sunshower or a bubble bath?

Photo: Residential


The industrial style of living can be recognized by its sturdy look and minimalist atmosphere. The style is inspired by industrial buildings and sheds from the 18e and 18th century. Here you will often find rough and robust materials such as stainless steel, wood, concrete and natural stone. Such as a kitchen with wooden doors and a concrete worktop, or industrial bar stools on a cooking island. Bathrooms can also have such an industrial look . From an openwork solid wooden cupboard for the towels to matt black taps.

Photo: Residential


Sleek lines and a minimalist design are characteristic of a modern living style. Neutral colors such as brown, black, gray and white predominate. Such a sleek look provides luxury and overview in the kitchen. Cupboards and drawers are usually handleless and smooth. A modern bathroom also has a sleek style with handle-less cabinets and sleek sinks.

Photo: Residential


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